Datatag Outboard Security

Clyde Outboard Services is pleased to announce that we are now the only official Scottish dealer for the market leading Datatag™ Security system, a unique theft deterrent system for outboard motors.

Since its introduction in the 1990’s, Datatag™ has already slashed theft rates for motorcycles, plant equipment as well as farm equipment. The recovery rates for these types of stolen equipment have soared across the UK.

Using a unique ‘stealth’ UV etching technology as well as tamper proof ID numbers which are hidden on your outboard motor, the Police are equipped with specialist scanners that enable them to scan stolen property and identify the owners. This makes Datatag™ one of the most effective theft deterrents available.

Installation of the Datatag™ security system gives the outboard motor a unique “fingerprint” identity which is virtually impossible to remove, however hard a criminal may try.

The full Datatag™ kit includes Datatdots® and Ultra Destruct Labels, which help identify key onboard equipment such as:
• Outboard Engines
• FishFinders
• Chart plotters and GPS Equipment
• Audio and safety Equipment

Security measures in the marine industry today, such as outboard locks and padlocks are usually inadequate compared to those found on cars. Typically the average boat is vulnerable to thefts and vandalism and are easy to move on whilst on their trailers, unless stored in a secure location. Criminals can alter the original identity by tampering or removing the hull or engine number creating an almost impossible task for the Police or prospective purchaser to identify.

Police forces have access to the Datatag™ Call Centre, 24 hour 7 day a week, establishing the owner of the property within minutes, having scanned the craft and provide a unique transponder code. Owners details are pre-registered when the unique electronic codes and Datatdots® are inserted into the outboard engine.

Worth noting is that you may not be allowed access to some slipways without having a Datatag™ system fitted, or being the crafts registered owner.
Datatag™ Ltd are now working in partnership with the following manufacturers and marine associations –

• Suzuki Marine
• Yamaha
• Royal Yachting Association
• British Marine Federation

For more information on supply and fitting the Datatag™ security system and outboard security queries, please feel free to visit our office or call us on 01475 744 555.