Steering cables for Outboard Motors.

In this section we plan to help you get the correct length and type of outboard steering cable for your steering helm and outboard.

When it comes to outboard cable steering there are really only two main types, a lighter weight cable and a heavy duty cable.

Lighter weight cables are referred to as M58 and are only compatible with the T67 lightweight helms, the heavy duty steering cable is referred to as M66 and is only compatible with the T71 helm options and others.



Cable Types Helm Types

(threaded at helm end and for outboard up to 55hp )


For outboard up to 55hp


(slotted at helm end, held into helm by a bolt and for outboards 60hp upwards)

T71FC, T72FC, T73NRFC, T85

For outboards 60hp upwards

(bezel kit X34 is usually required with these helms)



How to measure the correct length for outboard steering cables:







If you have an existing cable.                                        If you have are doing a new Install.


Types Of Cable:

M58 Outboard Steering Cable for up to 55hp.








M66 Outboard steering Cable for 60hp and above.










  • Hydraulic steering systems are also available for outboards, please contact us for information on these systems.


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