Used Outboard Engines

At Clyde Outboard Services we not only repair and service used outboard engines but we also sell them. Most of these come in as trade in engines or from our commercial customers and range from small auxiliaries to 200HP outboard motors.

Engines owned by COS and sold comes with a minimum of the following:

  • A full service
  • 3 Months Workshop Warranty
  • Correct Fuel Connector

Please not engines sold for a third party will only come with what is advertised.

We can also provide other related items if required including, batteries, battery connectors, isolator switches, fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel and water transom mounted  filters, steering and steering upgrades, spare ignition Keys etc. Many other related items are available all aimed at making your time on your boat safer and simpler to use.

What Size or Type?

Outboard engines mainly come as two or four stroke models and within these options the engines can be operated on the outboard even with electric start or away from the outboard up at the helm known as a remote control box model. More information can be found in our section “useful information”.

The shaft length of the outboard is extremely important for boat performance and there are three main shaft length that you will need to know when selecting the correct outboard for the job. These are short shaft (or standard shaft), long shaft and extra long shaft and to get the correct length you will need to measure your boat transom. 15 inches is short shaft, 20 inches long and 25 inches extra long shaft. Alternatively you can call us with the age, model and serial number.

How many horse power you require?

This can be obtained from contacting the boat manufacturer or perhaps contacting some other owners of the same make of boat. Alternatively give us a call and test our knowledge.


Unfortunately all outboard motors will fail at some time and if you are boating on a canal you will find it an irritation. If however you are in the sea, a second outboard engine could be a life saver hence we also provide a full range of auxiliary engines.

Auxiliary engines are small engines that are only designed to be used in an emergency and to get you boat back to the closest safe shore and are there to get you to safety.  The size required will be normally less than 10Hp with an average of around 3.5-6hp and should be capable of pushing your boat at 1-5mph regardless of the direction of the current. Most auxiliary engines will need to be long shaft models.

Visit our on-line used outboards shop section:

If you are unsure in anyway or simply want to see what options you have when buying a second hand outboard and for the latest stock list please call us on: 01475 744 555 or CLICK HERE   

Helping you make waves

Used Outboard Engines

Used Honda 90hp Long Shaft


Used Outboard Engines

Used Suzuki 115hp Long Shaft


Used Outboard Engines

Used Suzuki 15hp Long Shaft


Used Outboard Engines

Used Mariner 20hp Long Shaft


Used Outboard Engines

Used Honda 90hp Long Shaft


Used Outboard Engines

Used Parsun 9.8hp Long Shaft

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