Outboard Security

This page is a quick how to guide to boat security and how to make sure your insurance is valid

Visible Security Outboards Engines

Deterrent is still the best option and hence we advise that all outboards have visible locks. This includes axillary outboards and the main engine as many smaller outboards can be simply carried off. Remember that even in a marina thefts still happen for the smaller engines as it is not possible for the staff to know everyone and their friends.

Cost: from around £40.00

Warning: It is not good enough to buy a lock, you also must have a picture of it properly fitted to be able to claim with most insurance company’s.

Outboard Engine Data Tags

Putting data tags on engines is coming more common practice and are easy to retro fit and we happy to do this for you.

Having looked at the various manufactures Clyde Outboards supply the Thatcham approved data tagging solutions and more details can be found at: http://www.datatag.co.uk/marine.php

Boat Trailers

Securing your trailer is now vital as increasingly thieves are targeting them in private drives, marinas and even worse slipways.

Securing the trailer is now simple and quick and can be done by:

  • Wheel claps: to stop the wheels turning. Please note that these can be fiddly to fit and also must be the right size.
  • Ball hitch locks: These stop the trailer being put onto the tow bar of a car and are also easy to put on and take off.

Best Practice

  • When trying to secure your engine/ boat/ trailer you might also want to consider:
  • Where possible leaving your boat where there is CCTV or covered by intruder lights ie lights turn on when they detect movement.
  • Block in your boat/ trailer with your car/ Van etc
  • Make a note of all serial numbers and keep them in a safe place, including boat/ trailer and engines
  • Where possible store the boat/ trailer where there is a least security lighting or CCTV
  • Don’t leave your auxiliary outboard engine where it can be seen
  • Put a reminder of your insurance renewal date on an electronic calendar

Clyde outboards can  provide locking solutions for all outboard engines including transom bolt locks and aux outboard thumbscrew locks, For more information or advise on outboard security please contact us on 01475 744 555 or 01475 744 215.