Outboard Engine Repairs

We have added this section to let you know some of the information that is helpful for us to repair your outboard engine quickly and cheaply. In simple terms though the more you can tell us the better and the list of questions below will give you an idea of the sort of information is very helpful.


These are all about how the engine is being used and how long you have had it

  • Make, size and model of engine ie 20hp long shaft electric start 2 stroke
  • Age and/ or serial number if known?
  • Is this engine new to you?
  • Is the outboard engine being used in salt or fresh water?
  • How often is the engine being used?
  • If known… when was the outboard engine last serviced?
  • How old is the fuel being used in the engine?

Engine symptoms

After explaining what the problem with your outboard motor it is really helpful if you can also tell us more details about when this is happening ie:

  • Does this happen when the engine is starting or after it has been running for a while?
  • Does the problem go away when the engine heats up or cools down?
  • Is there any warning lights or sounds ie bleeping coming from the control box or gauges
  • Can you get the revs to WOT (wide open throttle) and if not how many do you get?
  • Does the engine have a good stream of water coming from it when turned on?
  • Is the outboard ticking over or is it pushing your boat when the problem happens?

Though the above covers a lot of issues it does not cover all outboard problems ie gearbox so please tell us as much as you can.

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