Boat Insurance

For boat insurance Clyde Outboard Services recommends the Irvine branch of Arthur J. Gallagher having been specialising in boat insurance for over 20 years the experienced team of Jim and Sheryl can provide boat insurance for all types of marine craft.

Here’s an example of Jim and Sheryl’s knowledge that they provided to Clyde Outboard Services regarding boat insurance.

Need to insure a boat over 20 years old?

Boat Insurance companies request survey reports on older boats however if the boat is 23’ or under and worth under £10,000 you can just complete a owners self-survey saving you the cost of surveyors fees


Below is a list of marine crafts Arthur J. Gallagher provides Boat insurance for:

  •  Yachts
  • Speedboats
  • RIBS
  • Motor Cruisers
  • Commercial Fishing Boats
  • Jet-Skis
  • Dinghies
  • Narrowboats
  • Charter Boats
  • Yachtsman Travel
  • Marine Trade



Senior Marine Account Executive

“There’s nothing Jim and I like better than chatting to boat-owners about life on the water”

For more information please contact Jim Bell on (01294 315481) or Cheryl Livingston on (01294 315433).