Buying a new Outboard engine guide

This is a quick guide to our online shop and we hope it helps you get the right engine for your requirements at the best price.


We are not web experts and though we try to keep the prices as up to date possible please call for the latest prices and availability. We are also happy to take trade in engines so please call 01475 744555 for more details.

Auxiliary Engine Notes:

The 2 lightest engines are the Suzuki 2.5 water cooled engine and the Honda 2.3 air cooled outboard at only 13kg

The biggest single cylinder outboard is a 6HP and there is a huge difference between this engine and the next size ie the 8hp which many people find difficult to lift on and off the auxiliary engine bracket.

Price Anomalies

When looking for an outboard we strongly recommend that you look at outboards 1 step up and below the HP you are looking for as there could be significant saving to be made or extra HP for very little money ie The Honda 100hp is only a few hundred pounds more than the 80HP.

Technology Differences

Some manufactures have very unique outboards ie only Suzuki make EFI ( electronic fuel injection) outboards as small as a 15HP and this is extremely well priced as is there 20HP. Only Tohatsu make a 6HP sail drive outboard designed to push heavy boats and only Honda make an air cooled outboard which means no impeller.

What we do!

Our main job when dealing with new/ used engine sales is to work out what engine best fits your requirements within your budget and will take into account:

  • Type of boat
  • What speed you would like
  • How often the outboard will be used
  • What propeller will give you the best performance?
  • What features are important ie limp home mode, fuel economy , noise, devaluation, weight, etc.

Once we know your requirements we then give you the pro’s and cons’ of suitable engines so that you can make an informed decision in your own time.


Our biggest tip is not to rush. There is nothing worse than having an engine that is not right for the boat as it not only takes money to sort the problem but also time.

For more information on outboard engines or to ask one of our team a question please call 01475 744555[/av_textblock]