Honda Outboard Engines

We are delighted to be an authorised Honda Marine dealer and service centre. We can supply new Honda outboard motors, parts and carry out warranty work.
Honda Marine provide a six year private user warranty and two year commercial warranty.  This is the longest warranty available for all outboard engines so if Honda are confident in their product you can be too.

When buying an outboard engine we all consider:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Warranty
  • Features
  • Fuel Economy

But as an outboard engine dealer we also need to look at things like,

  • How easy are the engines to service?
  • How quickly can we get parts for servicing/ repairs?
  • Is the range always being improved?
  • Can we get new engines quickly?
  • How quickly do they respond to questions?
  • What extras are provided i.e. fuel connectors rev gauges etc.
  • What competitive advantages do they have?

All these things affect how good a service we can offer you and how much time you spend enjoying being on your boat, and this is why we believe that Honda outboard engines offer the best overall package.

If you would like to know more please call us on: 01475 744 555 or view the range below.