2 Stroke v 4 Stroke Outboard Engines

Due to advancing technology and on going research the majority of consumers have several options when finding the right outboard for their requirements.

The main factors are weather to purchase:

  • used outboard (two or four stroke)
  • new 4 stroke outboard
  •  new direct fuel injected 2 stroke outboard

Each have several different main features, for example two stoke outboards are lighter, faster (in some cases) and less expensive. Four stroke motors are cleaner, smoother, more economical, great trolling motors and meet environmental requirements. This is not to say two stroke outboards can’t troll or four strokes are not faster, the advancing technology of each outboard manufacturer is improving each individual factor, it is a matter of preference and which best suits your requirements. Below is a table of pros and cons.

Two Stroke

Lighter More pollutant
Accelerate fast and in some cases more top end speed Recurring cost of oil
Purchase price is cheaper  mixing of oil with fuel must be correct to avoid serious damage
Easier to repair Smoke
Strong used market Rough idle
Used parts availability Carburettor can gum up easier if not used due to oil mixture in fuel (not true for direct fuel injection two stokes)
Simple design allowing for less to go wrong Nosier
Strong resale value due to cost of new Spark plugs blackening up

Four Stroke

Quiet Heavy
Less pollutant Limited used market
future production, technology and research is amid at four stroke or similar Larger in size
No oil need to be mixed with fuel A little more expensive to purchase
Great for trolling Often more expensive to service or repair
Fuel economy In some cases many not accelerate as fast
Very reliable Harder to transport or store must be laid on a certain side if not upright.
Smooth idle More parts, possible meaning more can go wrong

You can’t go wrong with either outboard but what we recommend is some research to find out what is best suited for your requirements, why not start by visiting www.honda.co.uk/marine for the latest in four stoke technology or visit www.tohatsu-uk.net for the latest two stroke options.

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