Mobile Outboard Engine Service

Clyde Outboard’s provides a mobile service for boats that can not be towed to our workshop and have engines that are bolted on to the transom ie where it is not practical to get either the outboard(s) or the boat to us in Port Glasgow.

If you need this service please provide the following information when you call

  • Location of the engine(s)
  • Access to the engines i.e. can we repair/ service the engines at any time or is there only access between certain hours
  • Any known problems with the outboard engine(s)
  • As much detail about the outboards as possible i.e. make, age, serial number etc

This will enable us to take where possible the right spares i.e. fuel filters, gaskets etc and hence complete the job in one visit.

To find out more please call us on: 01475 744 555 for service, spares and sales or email