Honda 225hp Outboard, Ultra Long Shaft, Counter Rotation, Electric Start, Power Trim and Tilt

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A 3.5 litre, high torque, V6 design Honda 225hp outboard engine, ultra long shaft (30″), electric start,  power trim and tilt, 12volt/60amp alternator, control box model. 6 years warranty (2 years for commercial users) and includes many unique features and user benifits including free RYA level 2 powerboat training.

VTEC (variable valve timing) lift to increase hp.

VAIS (Variable Air Intake System) Increases low end power and increases low speed torque for acceleration purposess

PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) equals great fuel economy.

BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) amplifies torque by optimising the amout of fuel supplied combined with ignition timing during rapid acceleration.

NMEA 2000. (national marine electronics association) Allows communication between marine engines and devices such as depth finders, nautical chart plotters, navigation instuments, tank level sensors etc.

Comes with: Basic flexable rigging package. Side mount control box, 20ft harnesses, Fuel line,  Battery leads, Tachometer and trim gauge, a choice of 3 blade alloy propeller , Tool kit, Owners manuals. Rigging kits can be upgraded to include different controls, more gauges, longer harnesses, stainless steel propellers and rigging hose covers.

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Ultra long shaft 30″ compared to the extra long 25″ and standard long shaft 20″.
VTEC technology is the addition to the BF225.
V6 engine block design with 24 valves.
2-pass cooling system
Inbuilt fuel/water separator
Great fuel economy with an electronic fuel injection system that achieves lean-burn control while cruising.
Precise optimization of air/fuel ratios, refered to as ECOmo by Honda.
60-amp charging capacity provides high power for all onboard needs
Four warning lights, including an oil pressure alert, overheat alert, ACG warning, and PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system warning to detect any malfunction or irregularity and alert the operator.
A fresh water flush valve allows easy engine cleaning after use to help protect against corrsion.
Dual stage injection



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